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Please start by filling our our WTBA Application (both Word and PDF versions are below).  Next, we ask that you give us some insight into your role as a player as well as answer a few questions on discipline. Please include the WTBA Role & Discipline info with your application.  

Do you have a son, daughter or student athlete you'd like to sponsor?  If so, please see the information below on our WTBA Sponsorship program.

Completed forms can either be emailed to Coach Ratliff at (c-ratliff@sbcglobal.net) or dropped off in person at one of our WTBA Skills Clinics.

WTBA Sponsorship Program

Do you know a student athlete you would like to provide a WTBA Sponsorship?  Fill out our form below to start the process.

WTBA Application Agreement & Release of Liability

 Application Agreement:
I agree to conform to the regulations of West Texas Basketball Academy.  Please sign and date the form.

Release of Liability:
We as parents or guardian of the above mentioned boy/girl, hereby grant permission to participate in the West Texas Basketball Academy and acknowledge the fact that he/she is physically able to participate in session activities. We hereby release the facility, where the lessons will be taught, and its employees from all claims from injuries or illnesses which may be sustained by our son or daughter and authorize the director or his designee to select hospital facilities and/or physician of his choice and authorize treatment of the above named student on an emergency basis in the event such treatment becomes necessary while attending basketball sessions. I understand that any campus involved nor any party will be responsible for any accident while attending West Texas Basketball Academy.  Please sign and date the form.

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