About WTBA 

Carlos Ratliff

Known for the ability to build programs with strong emphasis placed on fundamentals, and the refining of skills required to becoming a competitive,team player. A successful coach whose passion and love for the game of girl's basketball energizes athletes to, “Work hard now, to make it easy later.”

Carlos Ratliff is a builder of young men and ladies. He emphasizes an up tempo game with the use of multiple defenses. He has always been a student of the game in the way that he listens to the wisdom of other coaches and professional athletes who are successful, and enhances his coaching abilities by staying up on the latest techniques.

Three Types of Players: Scared, Tentative, and Confident Watch the 6-minute video to see how Carlos Ratliff inspires his players to play with passion and intensity.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest level of service to young athletes in the DFW area.

Whether it is on or off the court, we are committed to ensuring that our clients constantly reach their utmost fullest potential in their baskeball objectives. Through personal relationships and an understanding of our clients' goals and objectives, our coaches will serve as top-notch  advisors . We firmly believe in keeping the lines of communication open, as well as constantly offering a support system for our clients in every aspect of their training.

With our great leadership and representation, our goal is to develop our athletes both professionally and personally, creating a lifetime of success for all of our clients.